Thursday, June 15, 2017

Readfield History Walk #41 ~ June 16, 2017

#41 Readfield History Walk
Friday, June 16, 2017  10am - 12noon
“The Underground Railroad: Rev. David Thurston and the Metcalf Neighborhood”
Rev. David Thurston served the Winthrop Congregational Church 1807-1851. His anti-slavery views and efforts began in the 1820s and the Underground Railroad route was established through Winthrop due to his advocacy. In 1833 he was a delegate at the founding convention of the American Anti-Slavery Society in Philadelphia and helped draft their “Declaration of Sentiments”. In 1837 he took a year’s leave from the church in order to serve as agent of the Society. He was in demand as a speaker on their “circuit” and over time became more and more assertive that his congregation should hold his views on slavery but some of his Whig Party parishioners did not agree and because of that he was finally asked to resign after 44 years of serving their church. After that he wrote the first History of Winthrop in 1855, various papers on religion, temperance and anti-slavery; and preached in Vassalboro, Sidney, Searsport and finally in Litchfield where he died in 1865. He is buried in Metcalf Cemetery, Bearce Road, Winthrop.
This History Walk will include some driving as well as easy walking. Meet by 10am in the parking lot behind the Winthrop Congregational Church, 10 Bowdoin St. Winthrop. Our thanks to the Winthrop Historical Society and Winthrop Congregational Church for partnering with us on this History Walk.

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