Friday, October 26, 2012

Readfield History Walk # 2 ~ Old Readfield Fairgrounds

We entered the Old Fairgrounds trail from route 17 near
the Maranacook Community School. L to R: Annette
Peterson Donaghy, Betty & Richard Mason, Gary &
Ann Keilty, Barbara Clark Gilman, Milt Wright,
Bonnie Gilman-Parlin, Brenda Boutlier Deojay
and Dale Potter Clark. Photo by Harv Boatman.
History Walk #2 was from the Readfield Town Office via the new sidewalk on Main Street to the Lower Fairgrounds Trail and other trails in the Fairgrounds Complex. Co-stewards Gary Keilty and Milt Wright shared the evolution of that trail and some goals for future expansion and improvements. The walkways are wide and easy to navigate as they wind through woods and fields. Our history on this walk was Kennecook Farm, the old Readfield Muster Grounds, Readfield Agricultural Fair and Readfield Grange Fair. Stories and pictures were shared by those who remembered the Readfield Grange Fair. One walker brought blue ribbons she had won at the Fair as a child. We returned via the old Readfield Memorial Day Parade route (Church Road) and reminisced about the parade and people who used to live along that street.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Readfield History Walk # 1 ~ Macdonald Woods and Readfield Town Forest

These "History Walkers" joined us on our maiden voyage! Brenda Bouthlier Deojay, Annette Peterson Donaghy, Nathalie Giles, David Libby, Barbara Clark Gilman, Eileen Gilman Lord, Bonnie Gilman Parlin, Evelyn Adell Potter, Milt Wright, Gerry (visiting from CA) and Dale Potter Clark. Photo by Harv Boatman.
We kicked off the "Readfield History Walks" in late October with a walking tour of the Readfield Town Forest and the adjoining Macdonald Woods owned by Kennebec Land Trust. Historical features on this walk included: Huntoon Cemetery; the site of District #6 schoolhouse at Palmer Corner; the Seldon Smith (formerly the Macomber) homestead farm foundation; and the Readfield Town Poor Farm & Forest property. The area was settled early on in Readfield’s history and includes North Wayne Road - one of the first roads built in town (in 1776); impressive stone walls; a wide and lengthy sheep / cattle walk; and a very large Town Poor Farm house and barn as evidenced by the foundations. One walker remembered this property when it was still open farmland and some of the buildings were still standing. He also shared that his aunt was one of the many Readfield Corner (Gile Hall) School children who helped plant White Pine there sometime in the 1930’s. FMI about this property visit 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Readfield History Walks are Reborn!

Milt Wright and Dale Potter-Clark
In October 2012 a group formed that calls themselves “The History Walkers.” Some members also participated in the Bicentennial walks of the 1970-80’s. The “History Walkers” have been fortunate to hike some of Readfield's and the Kennebec Land Trust’s nature preserve trails while learning and sharing some Readfield history. Milt Wright, steward of numerous trails in town, guides the group on the hikes while Dale Potter Clark provides historical background of the area, with input from others. On occasion the History Walks are led by guest tour guides and / or historians. We welcome residents from Readfield and surrounding communities as well as those with family roots in Readfield who wish to participate in any given History Walk. Suggestions are welcome for future tours - email Dale at