Saturday, September 28, 2013

Readfield History Walk #13 Friday, October 11, 2013 ~ Factory Square (updated 6/4/2014)

Grist Mill at Factory Square around 1900.
Mark your calendars for Friday, October 11, 2013 when we will be "History Walking" on Factory Square. See the end of this post for the route we plan to follow. If you are not on our email list please send a request so you will receive the map and pictures that will be emailed to our list before the walk.

The first mills - a grist mill and sawmill - were built in this area of Readfield by James Craig. Soon after that Robert Cornforth built a woolen mill, and other mills and operators followed until there were more than a dozen factories and businesses in this relatively small section of Readfield. For more than 150 years Factory Square was a busy industrial center. There were, at one time, four dams between the head of Torsey Pond - called Bean's Mills - and Mill Stream Road (now a public trail). There were three mill ponds within that area, in addition to Torsey Pond west of there. Manufacturing and business activity started to subside with the advent of the railroad, road travel and easier access to larger mills and industrial centers. In the flood of 1987 two of the dams and bridges (Giles Road and Mill Stream Road) were destroyed. Today there is very little evidence that gives the unknowing eye any hint of the activity that once was.  
There is no school on this day - we welcome school aged children (and their adult chaperones) who have interest in their town's history to join the group. We appreciate RSVPs so we will have an idea of how many participants we can expect - email

Ø  10am start at the town office (RTO) à Old Kents Hill Road;
Ø  Enter north entrance Mill Stream Road / trail;
Ø  Giles Road (Factory Street);
Ø  Back onto Old Kents Hill Road;
Ø  Left towards Cornforth house for a walkabout;
Ø  Walk on to Bean’s Mills (at group’s discretion);
Ø  Return via Old Kents Hill Road and see the dam and site of old mill pond;
Ø  Walk back to RTO via Old Kents Hill Road;
Ø  Choose a nice outdoor space to share our lunch / sandwiches. 

After this History Walk I did additional research about some of the ground we covered on 10/11/2013. Follow this link to read more about Factory Square:

Monday, September 16, 2013

HISTORY WALK #12 ~ Friday 9/27/2013

We are very pleased to announce that on
Friday, September 27th
the Readfield History Walkers will explore
the area around Carleton Pond
"the Vanished Village" in East Readfield 

  • Brian Tarbuck of Readfield, who is the Augusta Water District General Manager, will lead the walk.
  • Dale will show newly acquired and one of a kind pictures of some homes and the school that were once in East Readfield village. 
  • Copies of The Sanborns of East Readfield and Beyond will be available  to participating walkers at a special rate of $7.00. 
  • Input from the loggers who recently cut that property will also be shared. 
This is an exciting opportunity for those who are truly interested in
the history of Readfield and want to learn about "the Vanished Village". 
The chance to see and take in the pristine Carleton Pond is a real plus!!
RECOMMENDATIONS:  The trail will be wet in places so bring your boots or water worthy shoes. We expect the horse flies and deer ticks to be pretty evident so plan accordingly. Bring plenty of drinking water and a sandwich / something to eat. We are told the trails / roads on AWD have not been maintained for the past ten years - except for being bush-hogged - so the walk may be rather strenuous in places. Please bear that in mind if wish to come.


WHEN AND WHERE: At 10:00am we will gather at the Jesse Lee Methodist Church on top of the hill, next to the East Readfield Cemetery, on the corner of route 17 & Plains Road, where there is plenty of high and dry parking .

WHAT TO EXPECT:  We will share some historical background of the immediate area; visit the Sanborn’s plot; and see the pictures of East Readfield village. Then we will either walk or be shuttled down the hill to the Augusta Water District, noting where some of the old buildings / foundations are along the way. Then, we will walk into Carleton Pond and back. Those who wish to walk back up the (route 17) hill to their cars can do so, or be shuttled if that is the preference.
FMI: In case of inclement weather notices will be posted on this web site re cancellations / postponements.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Invitation from Readfield Conservation Commission ~ Readfield Town Forest Tour September 28th

FMI contact Tim Sniffin.
The public is invited to attend a field trip to view the current timber harvesting operation at the Readfield Town Forest on Saturday, September 28 sponsored by the Readfield Conservation Commission. Readfield’s Town Forester, Harold Burnett, will lead the site visit and explain the harvesting operation.

Every five years, a portion of the 110-acre Town Forest is harvested to improve the health of the forest and wildlife habitat while raising revenue that is used to maintain the Town’s conservation lands.

Interested attendees should meet in the parking lot at the Readfield Town Office at 8:30 to carpool to the Town Forest (where parking is limited) or can drive directly to the gate to the Town Forest on the Belz Road  where the field trip will start at 9:00.  The tour will take about two hours, and will involve walking in and out of the Town Forest which is about a half-mile from the gate.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

History Walks Resuming This Fall

Plans are underway for History Walks this fall. Specific plans will be announced soon. In the meantime MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the first walk this fall on
Friday, September 27, 2013!